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Client Testimonials

And fans remain fans! Here’s another endorsement from David & Janet 9 years from their first endorsement of Via Homes.

My builder was Via Homes in Mesa. Trudy Licano is the prime mover along with her husband Mike. She built my house right; we passed every inspection first time every time. We were on time and on budget with no surprises. They have a website, you might want to look at. They used to have a picture of my house on it, but I have not checked in a while. So here is a picture of our mountain top home. If you guys want to take a look at it, give me a call at 623-217-(last 4 numbers redacted).

– David & Janet 2014


Conventional wisdom has it that the worst disaster your domestic tranquility can suffer (other than your children moving back home) is building a house. We found it to be the opposite.

Via Homes’ construction of our home was seamless and painless. Every phase of construction, from initial drafts to obtaining our certification of occupation was completed on time and within budget. If anything, Via homes overbuilt; every inspection was passed on the first go-around. The workmanship exhibited by all subs and employees was confidence inspiring.

Perhaps the best testimonial I can give is that we remain good friends with Trudy and Mike, the owners of Via Homes, as well as with many of their employees. This is the first home we have had built. This is our last home. We don’t plan to leave it unless we’re wearing toe tags, and in retrospect, it was the perfect building experience for us. I would not have done it any other way. Thank you, Trudy and Mike, and Via Homes.

– David & Janet 2005
Built their custom dream home on a 5 acre parcel in Goldfield Arizona


You built this one too beautiful for us…I doubt we will ever be motivated to move away from what is in essence our dream home. Lynette and I comment to each other at least once a month how much we love this home, and how blessed we are to be living here. I still hope one day to be able to send someone else to you to build a home; it was such an incredibly positive experience for what is often such a stressful event for many people. We were truly blessed when our paths crossed, both for professional reasons, but also for the friendship. I don’t know how you do it, but I remember you saying at our first lunch together 8 years ago how you built relationships, not just homes. I started to see that when we visited a few homes with you, I could see the people were genuinely glad to see you. And you built another relationship as well as the home with us!

– Tom & Lynette
Built their custom dream home in Gilbert

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