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We are happy to work with professionals that are requesting fees for services adding value to projects!

If you are a professional that would like to assist a family with their design and or construction of their project we would like to include your services as a part of additional value added to the Via product. We consider real estate agent or their brokers to be licensed professionals just like engineers, architects, 3rd party inspectors, and attorneys and should be paid for additional services rendered to the Buyer.

Please register your Buyer (see email form tab below). You or your Buyer may tell us what the professional fees/costs are for your services and where those services should be scheduled within the Concept to Completion process. Thank you!

  • Professional receiving this fee as later agreed by parties is:

  • [This is NOT a real estate commission. Via is providing services not selling/conveying real estate (the land) in this transaction. Therefore, payment may be paid to any professional directly by Buyer or Builder as parties agree to do.]

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