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Why Cost Per Square Foot Varies?

Question: What does it cost Per Square Foot to build?
Answer: It Varies. (Click below for a PDF that begins to explain why)

Question: Is there a way to know what my dream project will cost?
Answer: Yes, often from one session we can construct a project outline and provide you with a Project Estimate that can later be turned into a contract for you. It is our goal to provide as quickly as possible cost estimates that will anticipate the variables. We do this with thoughtful listening and asking the right questions. That information is then compared to the closest project we have recently completed or priced. From there we can give you an educated estimate of price along with a corresponding features list.Unless there is a guarantee what is in a square foot of space, a price per square foot is an inaccurate and unprofessional way to approach a moving target. We have been educating one person at a time, buyers and builders alike, what a disservice this approach can be. It just makes sense there will be a different cost per square foot to one home than another even if they are the same liveable in size but one has larger garages or patios or one has more baths or a larger kitchen. We believe no one should have to rely on something so erratic and inconsistent as a price per square foot until you can make that square foot be equal in features for every foot added or subtracted. Through a series of comprehensive questions, we find your target and fix it for you.When others quote per square foot, someone will lose in that process. Do not let that be you. Set an appointment today to receive a FREE cost analysis of your dream project the better way.Why a per square foot of liveable cost varies. [Click Here]

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